Quart - Onewheel Pint Battery Upgrade

Quart - Onewheel Pint Battery Upgrade

Zoom Chi Battery Quart Battery Upgrade
Zoom Chi Battery Quart Battery Chart
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Double your range with the ultimate "Do It Yourself" battery mod. Taking your board to the next level has never been easier and safer! The Quart is the biggest and safest Pint battery on the market!

The Quart is all about:

  • Going Farther - Lots more range to kiss range anxiety goodbye
  • Increased Power - Torque increases for flying off the line
  • Durability & Safety - Throw your board around without fear
  • Longevity - Made to last and backed by our support team
  • Community - Ride more with your friends, have more adventures! Worry no longer about keeping up with the XR. We are happy to be extending group rides all around the world!

    The Benefits:

    • 12-15+ mile range based off 200 lb rider in ideal conditions 
    • Mod-free design
    • Cell-level fusing
    • Increased cycle life and ability to fast charge
    • Built with grade A Molicel


    Confirmed working with hardware 5314/Software Gemini 5050 and prior! There are current bugs with software Gemini 5059, regardless of hardware version! Do not recommend purchase at this time until further update.

    Quart - Onewheel Pint Battery Upgrade



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